What Is Medical Billing?

Medical Billing has turned around in a big way nowadays. There was a time when the patient used to go to doctor, get the treatment for any ailment and pay the doctor’s bill. Until few years back, medical insurance was significantly complicated; it was a rare event, the doctor had to raise the paper bill towards his treatment charges and submit it to the private, Medicare or Medicaid insurance provider. We are much aware of the fact that such paper bills could get lost very easily. Anyways, those days are history now, yet there are a few doctors who still believe in the orthodox procedures and use paper bills for their treatment charges. Most of the doctors have today started using the latest technologies and begun raising electronic Medical Bills to their patients for the treatments provided by them.

Electronic Medical Billing is a paperless billing process; wherein the bill is printed out after making the entries related to the patient’s treatment in the computer system and handed over to the patient by his doctor. Such electronic Medical Billing incorporates all the related information like, the insurance provider’s data, your detailed treatment charges, medicines and other incidental expenses incurred by the clinic while extending your treatments. All these information are essential for claiming the medical expenses incurred by the clinic, from the patient’s medical insurance providers.

The electronic Medical Billing is usually prepared by entering all the necessary data in the computer system with the help of the specialized Medical Billing software program and the fed information is then electronically submitted to the carrier by means of a device called a modem. The modem is such an electronic device that uses the telephone line for transmitting the received information just like that of a fax machine. In the fax machine, a piece of prepared document or the Medical Bill is inserted in the unit. Its copy is electronically prepared and transmitted through the connected telephone line to the remote fax machine held by the insurance provider and prints out the identical copy of the document at that end. But in case of the electronic Medical Billing, there is no requirement of paper at all. The particular information is typed out into the computer system and thereafter the installed software takes those data itself for transmitting them over to the carrier via modem.

Such data are mostly sent in some specific format so that the carrier is able to read the data properly. This sort of typical format is known as NSF format that has been standardized by all such carriers. However, specific computer program is required to be made for each individual carrier as in spite of the standards formats, its not necessary that every carrier uses every field in the format. Due to this when specific fields are transmitted which the carrier is not using, the claim may get rejected by the carrier.

Medical Billing Services: In reality, the Medical Billing Service has to be far more competent and effectual when compared with your own office system. The Medical Billing Services providers should let you and your people highlight on practicing medicines. In Medical Billing Service providing companies like Preferred Health Resources, account executives have the average of 8 years experience in Medical Billing sectors. Due to their knowledge, ability as well as the devoted follow-up, the company has resulted in their adjustment ratios every time as low as merely 12% with the Medicare.

Medical Billing System: There are very few genuinely organized companies providing Medical Billing System service in the United States; like the American Billing Systems. This company in particular is said to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for developing and building the latest technology which permits you to process all your medical claims online over the internet through any computers at any time literally 24×7. this is the company holding national license and offers the complete business system to the entrepreneurs. With the help of such license one can really operate his business literally from home offering professional Medical Billing Systems and automated cash-flow management services to the medical providers and general businessmen.

Medical Billing Education: In the common definition, it could be defined that the Medical Billing is the process of sending detailed accounts to the customers or clients for the goods consumed and the medical services provided to him. The document having all such data is better known as the Invoice. The invoices in general describes the accounted amount is receivable or already received by the drawer. Proper education for preparing the Medical Billing is necessary for getting the insurance claim processed well in time.

Medical Billing Companies: There are many companies having specialization in the fields of Medical Billings. Such companies usually offer their valued services for getting you the detailed Medical Billing towards the medical services taken by you during your ailment at a particular clinic or with the doctor. There are some companies like Vision Healthcare who have been serving as much as 38 medical specialties in 40 different states and having expertise in over 15 hospitals as well as Medical Billing systems.

Medical Electronic Billing: The Medical Electronic Billing is widely prepared by entering all the required information to the computer system that has the software program for preparing such Electronic Medical Billings. The latest software developed for such Electronic Medical Billing generally incorporates various features of functions like: tracking the demographics, doctor’s visits and diagnoses of the patients; collecting – transmitting as well as tracking all the billing information and insurance payments; managing the appointment schedules and generating the varieties of detailed reports.

Medical Electronic Specialists: We may find many Medical Electronic Specialists for providing different medical services. The various services offered by such specialists usually include: the fastest reimbursements of your medical claims, billing to the government carriers and inquire for its details, the claims edited for better quality, quality customer services, reduction of the current internal billing costing, complete insurance follow-up, specialty report for doctor’s practice and follow through collection for them who want such services.

There are some more features worth considering in the Medical Billing features like: the Medical Billing Codes, Medical Billing Business and Medical Billing Processes.

Top 5 Reasons to Work in Medical Billing and Coding

Many health care professionals love working in medical billing and coding. The medical billing career field allows professionals the flexibility to work at home or in a medical facility. And training to become a medical billing professional can usually take less than a year.

The medical billing career field isn’t for everyone; it requires patience, flexibility, and analytical skills to use proper medical codes and bill insurance companies correctly. And it’s a career field for people who want to work in the medical field, but would prefer to work in the administrative side, rather than in the clinical side with patients.

If the medical billing career fields sounds interesting to you, then check out the top ten reasons to work in medical billing and coding.

1. HOT EMPLOYMENT GROWTH FOR MEDICAL BILLING INDUSTRY As you probably know, the medical billing and coding field continues to increase due to a growing need for medical procedures needed by our aging population. Every medical service requires medical billing professionals to relay procedure and cost information to health care insurance companies.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently reported that 8 out of 20 occupations projected to grow fastest are in the health care industry. They also projected that careers in the medical records and health information technician industry should increase 27% or more for all occupations through 2014.

The rise in employment opportunities is great news for trained medical billing professionals. It means that trained medical billing professionals should have job security and lot of job growth going forward.

2. SHORT-TERM TRAINING TO WORK IN MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING Another great reason you should consider starting a career in medical billing and coding is because of the short-term training.

Depending on the school you attend, you can graduate with a diploma in medical billing within a year, and you can get an Associate’s degree in medical insurance billing and coding within two years.

The short-term medical billing program often includes a study of:

Medical Insurance & Billing Issues
Medical Documentation and Evaluation
Government Health Care Programs
Electronic Data Interchange
Medical Insurance Claim Form (CMS-1500)
Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

The Associate’s degree medical billing programs often include a study of:

Medical Terminology
Medical Office Management
ICD-9 Coding
Advanced Medical Coding
Medical Billing and Coding Computer Applications

Due to the short-term training, many medical billing schools offer day and evening classes. Please be aware that not all schools offering medical insurance billing and coding will be right for you. Before choosing a school, make sure and read the article on choosing a high quality medical billing and coding school.

3. MEDICAL BILLING CAREERS CAN ALLOW YOU TO WORK AT HOME Many doctor’s offices and clinics don’t handle their own medical billing. They will often hire an outside medical billing agency or medical billing company. Some of these agencies and medical billing companies will hire professional medical billers who work at home to save on costs. And this is definitely an option if you decide on a career in medical billing.

It’s recommended that if you decide to work at home as a medical billing professional, or decide to work as a self-employed medical biller, that you work in an office as a medical biller for a short period of time so that you will gain the confidence and skills of a seasoned medical biller.

4. MEDICAL BILLERS HAVE MANY CAREER OPTIONS Professional medical billers have a solid knowledge of the administrative side of a medical office. Depending on their education and experience, medical billers can move into:

Medical Billing Management
Medical Transcription
Health Care Administration
Data Collection
Medical Office Management
Health Information Technician

And this is just a small list of possible career paths for seasoned medical billing professionals. These jobs will depend on your education, experience, and job market in your local area.

5. MEDICAL BILLERS CAN START THEIR OWN COMPANY Due to the high demand for medical billing professionals, some medical billers are deciding to leave their medical billing job to start their own medical billing company. This is only recommended for seasoned medical billing professionals who can find an assortment of medical offices that can become clients.

Technologically Boosting the Medical Transcription Company

Medical Transcription Company

Virtually every medical service provider dictates SOAP notes into recorders for transcription and sends them off to a medical transcription company to transcribe and return a refined copy of necessary medical information.

In fact, without the medical transcription company the medical service provider would be too overburdened with transcription to pay the attention it needs to its clients. However, the medical transcription company has had to undergo technological changes in order to keep up with demand and with competition. Fast-paced medical service requires fast-paced medical transcription. So, which medical transcription company will survive? The answer is the one that takes advantage of time-saving technology.

Medical Transcription

This answer is not at all uncommon now-a-days, but it is especially challenging in the field of medical transcription. Medical transcription is just as it sounds: transcribing on paper the notes that were audio recorded. It doesn’t seem at first that much more technology is needed than a word processor and a cassette tape player.

The crux of the matter is controlling quantity. Effective records of SOAP notes, especially in the quantities supplied by medical offices, require the technological ability to not only record medical transcription but also to track it and store it.

Medical Transcription Job

The medical transcription job would be daunting at best without the help of technology. Let me review a general version of a medical transcription job check list:

1. Receive tapes from medical service provider.

2. Transcribe 1st draft of SOAP notes.

3. Save transcription.

4. Continue process with entire batch.

5. Review medical transcription for errors.

6. Make changes on 1st draft of medical transcriptions.

7. Send medical transcriptions back to medical service provider.

8. Bill medical service provider.

This process most often overlaps itself due to the management of multiple batches from multiple service providers. Organizational skill is high up on the requirements list for a medical transcription specialist.

Medical Transcription Program

Due to the massive amounts of medical transcription jobs and batches continually being sent back and forth between medical service providers and the medical transcription company, the market has awakened to meet medical transcription needs. Looking for a medical transcription program is so easy, it’s hard. Just type “medical transcription program” into Google, Yahoo, or MSN and witness first hand the millions of indexed pages you might have to sift through.

In your search for a versatile medical transcription program suitable to medical service providers’ needs, there are a few things to keep in mind. A medical transcription program has the ability to work in house, without IT infrastructure overhead.

There are additional medical transcription program specs to keep an eye out for. For example, a medical transcription program which combines the secure storage of medical databases and medical transcription provides the security and accessibility a medical service provider needs.

The right medical transcription program also provides organization for tracking the editorial stages of the SOAP notes and securing them, as well as sending them back to the right medical service provider.

The medical service provider runs a race of efficiency and professionalism in order to stay in business. The right medical transcription program provides a technological boost to propel medical service providers ahead of the rest of the pack.

Almonds Nutrition Facts

Almonds Nutrition Facts

Almonds Calories And More

Almonds calories = 575kcal
Carbohydrate = 21.67g
Protein = 21.22g
Fat = 49.42g
Fibre = 12.2g
Calcium = 264mg
Iron = 3.72mg
Magnesium = 268mg
Phosphorus = 484mg
Potassium = 705mg
Sodium = 68mg
Vitamin E = 26.22mg

Let’s take a look at some almonds nutrition facts. As with most nuts, calories can be high. However, largely unknown among the numerous almonds nutrition facts is that, potentially, eating almonds can decrease the chances of weight gain.

Almonds nutrition facts you didn’t know about

A study has shown that people who ate nuts on two occasions or more per week were significantly less likely to put on weight than those who hardly ate nuts at all.
The high amount of almonds’ calories is almost cancelled out by their capacity to promote a decreased intake of trans fatty acids, animal protein, sodium, cholesterol and sugars, observed in the study while increasing the intake of monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vegetable protein, vitamin E, copper and magnesium.

Information on the health benefits of almondsAlmonds health benefits

Other almond benefits

Almonds are known to increase the body’s levels of antioxidants and reduce surges in blood sugar- which affects insulin – after eating.
A number of studies have revealed that eating almonds with a high glycaemic index food significantly lowers the glycaemic index of the meal and lessens the rise in blood sugar after eating.

They are high in magnesium. A natural calcium channel blocker, magnesium promotes the dilation of veins and arteries
Almonds are also a very good source of protein, which is essential for growth and for the repair of tissues.

Healthy Almond Meal

Guilt free

This cake recipe is a great way to have a piece of cake without the guilty conscience!

As a snack or for afters
Low in fat and high in nourishment, this recipe can be made to either be had as a nibble or as a variance for afters, pour sour cream or yogurt on top for another fantastic variation.
The great thing about this recipe is it can be adapted to as you need it to be.

Change it if you need to!

For those with wheat intolerance, just ditch the flour and boost the almonds.
Egg intolerance? Merely exchange the egg with a cup of luke warm water. This recipe is so versatile, you can switch things around very easily.
As well, if you don’t have time to simmer the lemons (or if you simply prefer not to!) Citrus limon concentrate can be used, although you don’t get the same zingy flavor.

These are the ingredients for a a super healthy, easy almond cake recipe
2-3 lemons
3 medium eggs
200g caster sugar
50g plain flour
200g ground almonds
1 tsp baking powder

Cover the lemons with water in a saucepan. Bring to the boil and simmer for around an hour.
Halve the lemons discarding pips. Place them into a blender complete with skins, and blend until a paste is achieved.
Preheat the oven to 170C. Grease a 2lb (900g) tin with knob of butter or a splash ofoil spray, and line with greaseproof paper.
Beat the eggs and sugar together.
Fold the flour, baking powder, almonds and lemon paste into the egg mix.
Pour into the tin and bake for 45 mins to an hour.
for ten mins. After this time, turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely before eating.

Almonds – what you didn’t know!

The almond is an attractive, medium sized tree which is actually part of the rose family. The almond tree is also closely related to the peach apricot and plum.
Similar to the peach, the almond consists of a seed surrounded by a hard outer shell, which in turn is surrounded by a fleshier part.
The sweet flesh of the peach is the part of the fruit that is eaten, while with the almond, it is the tasty inner seed that is consumed .
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